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Andy Cavatorta Studio produces the artworks, designs, and engineering of Andy Cavatorta.

Sound. Music. Motions. Machinery.

Below are eight featured works with links to stories and details.

The Irvine

The Irvine is an artifact from a re-imagined history of electronic music.

The symphony orchestra was once an innovative institution that absorbed every new expressive instrument. But its menagerie of instruments became fixed after WWI, just missing the first high-quality electrophones.

If electronic instruments found equal footing with violins and timpanis, how would they have evolved differently?

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Gravity Harps

The Gravity Harps are the result of a year-long collaboration between Björk and me. Björk's Biophilia project integrated forces various forces of nature into the instruments. The Gravity Harps created music with gravity.

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The Dervishes

The Dervishes create voicelike music using corrugated tubing and precise robotic actuation.

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The Rotacorda & Crystallophone

What if music evolved underwater? This is the question that led Between Music to perform underwater in human-sized aquariums.

I designed and created the Rotacorda and the Crystallophone for them.

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Animated Shadow Projectors

The Microcosm Projectors are my first purely visual pieces. They contain tiny cut paper worlds in motion.

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The Chalice Symphony

The Chalice Symphony is a quartet of instruments I designed for a performance with Cold War Kids as a commission from Stella Artois.

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Rain Drop Drum Machine

The Rain Drop Drum Machine is an equal collaboration between Marina Litvinskaya and me.

We use raindrops for their distinctive rhythms, which always mix regularity with a little chaos.

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The Overtone Harp

The Overtone Harp brings out new life, new pitches, new timbres that have always been hiding inside the piano.

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