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I was honored to be featured in National Geographic's Genius Series that accompanied their Picasso series.

Commission for TED

The Dervishes were a commission for TED and Lincoln. This is their documentation. It's also available on the TED site.

When Bjork Met Attenborough

While I was on a break from the Björk's Biophilia Tour, folks from UK Channel Four visited Brooklyn to interview me about the Gravity Harps.

Interview for Great Big Story

Great Big Story asked me to talk about the Dervishes and the creative process behind them.

Motherboard (Vice + Intel)

I built this electromagnetic overtone harp for composer Molly Herron. Vice program Motherboard visited just as it was being finished.

Interview for Stella Artois

The Chalice Symphony was documented extensively in both a half-hour documentary and a bunch of promotional spots. Here's one of the many spots.

Interview for BBC

While I was working around the clock with Matthew Herbert at the Royal Opera House, the BBC visited to ask us what on Earth we were doing.

Honey I Shrunk Red Hook

An old project frmo 2009. But the documentation was so lovely I'm sharing it.

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