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Andy Cavatorta's studio is made of people and their skills, talents, ideas, and sensibilities. The Studio is a place where people can bring their whole selves, make use of every skill they've ever learned, learn more, and have the freedom, trust, and support to do their best work ever. The course of every project is deeply influenced by what every member of the current cohort brings to the table and makes possible.

Nick testing
Star Harp Fabrication
Marina sanding
Maria cutting metals
Marina and Nicole painting
Marina with lens
Karl welding
cad modeling

Client Work

In addition to Andy's artwork, the Studio also produces design and engineering for other artists and creators.

Pierre Huyghe

Andy Cavatorta Studio created the invisible sensor and compute networks that were integral to Pierre Huyghe's pieces After Alife Ahead [Skulptur Projekte M√ľnster 2017] and Living / Cancer / Variator [Palais de Tokyo 2016]. These included systems to measure the motility of ants, peacocks, bees, human exhalation, and living cancer cells.

Sensor Units
Sensor Units
Henrietta's House
Henrietta's House
Software Testing
Software Testing
Audio Testing
Audio Testing

Sougwen Chung

Andy Cavatorta developed the mechanics, electronics, software, and behaviors of a collaborative swarm of painting robots for Sougwen Chung's 2016 work Omnia per Omnia. This was completed in just 5 weeks for Sougwen's contribution to a Bell Labs residency, performed at Mana Contemporary.

Early Prototype
Early Prototype
Studio Testing
Studio Testing
Building a Swarm
Building a Swarm

Call Me Ishmael

The first generation of Call Me Ishmael phones were created by Andy Cavatorta and Ayo Okunseinde.

Motion Control for Barneys & Nick Cave

On ony three week's notice, Andy Cavatorta Studio created the motion control system for a holiday window for Barneys featuring sculptures by brilliant artist and choreographer Nick Cave.

The movements were cancelled at the last minute because of creative differences outside of the scope of our work. Still, it was wonderful to meet and work with Nick Cave.


Andy Cavatorta Studio specializes in creating things that don't yet exist. Mechanical engineering. 2D and 3D aesthetic work. Electronics and microchip design. Software engineering of all kinds. Research and explorations on any subject.

We are very open to building other people's ideas.

If you're interested in creating amazing things the don't exist yet, please do say hi on the contact page.


Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Motion Control and Automation
Client/Server Software
Microchip Design
Electrical Engineering
Software Engineering
Mechanical Engineering


Product Design
CAD and 3D Modeling
Rendering and Animation
Film and Video


Precision Metalwork
CNC Routing
Hand Sculpting
Fine Carpentry
Structural Carpentry
Mechanisms and Clockwork