Andy Cavatorta

The Hive | part of the Chalice Symphony for Stella Artois

The Hive is part of the Stella Artois Chalice Symphony, a quartet of instruments I designed for a performance with Cold War Kids. Each instrument uses Stella Artois's iconic chalice to make music in a different way — bowing them, striking them, using them as tuned resonators, or using their shapes to form vowels in vibrating columns of air.

They are designed to musically complement each other with a variey of timbres, pitches, and expressive features.

Here we are, all together.

The Hive

The Hive creates music with glass bells made from Stella Artois chalices. They are played with electronically actuated piano hammers, which support loud and soft playing. An octave and a half of steel bells are added for extra timbral range.

With Cold War Kids
Long and Tall
Wake Up and Smell the Hive

Studio Diary

First Actuator Prototype
Second Actuator Prototype
Final Actuator Prototype

All Hands
A Forest of Wiring
Nick Testing Like a Rock Star

Here is a late-night test of all actuators and bells. You can hear how the glass and steel timbres meld beautifully. We might love the spooky sound just a little too much.

And here is the whole Chalice Symphony documentary.