Andy Cavatorta

The Gravity Harps, with Björk

This is kind of where everything started. It started with Björk.

I was blessed to be chosen by her for a commission and a collaboration to invent and create instruments for her Biophilia project. The design process took half a year and produced so many ideas, sounds, and prototypes. I will summarize those here soon. But for now, please just enjoy what Björk did with the Gravity Harps.

Below is a video of the Gravity Harps in the Gund Lobby at MoMA in New York City. I felt honored again to have the Gravity Harps featured prominently during Björk's retrospective there. It was a great opportunity for people to see them close-up.

Speaking of close-up, here is a nice video of Ryan Wistort doing his best to extemporaneously explain everything about them during our first performances in Manchester, England.