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Artist Statement
Andy Cavatorta is a sculptor working with sound and robotics. His work integrates emerging technologies with traditional crafts to discover new ways to create meaning with sound.

As a culture, we are exploring questions about meaning and emotion mediated by technology. But many of the questions date back to the origins of the pipe organ and automaton. At what point does that numinous ghost of feeling, beneath the level of words, enter the machine?

Historically, we have often reacted to new technologies by inventing false oppositions between the old and new, imagining that one will win and one will lose. This can be seen clearly in music since 1900. Recording vs. performance. Electric instruments vs. acoustic. Digital recording vs. Analog. Virtual experience vs. physical. What we’ve seen is that, in art and music, we use all of our accumulated tools.

While Andy’s work is powered by software and robotic technologies, its focus is on experience and emotional narrative.

hellyeah at media dot mit dot edu

MIT Media Lab, MAS, 2010

Arts Commissions
Molly Herron, 2014
Aquasonic, 2014
Royal Opera House, London, 2014
MU Gallery, Sounds Like Art, 2013
TED / Lincoln, 2013
Science Gallery, Oscillator, 2013
Bjork, Biophilia, 2012

Commercial Commissions
Stella Artois
Queen of the Night

Selected Press
The New Yorker
Core 77
New Scientist
TED Blog
Classical Source
Financial Times
The Guardian
VPRO, Netherlands
Vice Magazine
Sound on Sound
The Creators Project
Metropolis Magazine
Trend Hunter
Origin Magazine
Make Magazine
Dazed Magazine
Bangkok Post

Lectures 2014
Disruption Day, London ( closing speaker )
Spotify USA ( solo talk )
Design Leadership Conference ( closing speaker )
Moogfest ( MIT Media Lab panel)
School of Visual Arts ( solo talk )
MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology ( solo talk )
MIT Media Lab ( solo talk )
University of Pennsylvania Music Department ( solo talk )
St. Mary’s University, London ( solo talk )

Cooper Union, Engineering Design and Problem Solving, 2014

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    • Thanks! Now that I finally have some time to catch my breath, I’ll be putting up a lot more documentation.

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