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Microcosm Projectors

The Microcosm Projectors are my first purely visual pieces.  Both contain tiny cut paper worlds in motion.  They were created for the performance Simulacrum, which tells the mythical-feeling life story of its principal dancer — 77-year-old, Japanese-born Flamenco legend Shõji Kojima.

Below are images from their creation and initial installation.  Videos of the performance will be up after the premier in late 2016.  Below the images are more details and many credits.



Thanks and Credits:

Theater Company: Winter Guests

Puzzle Box (in photos and videos): Åsmund Færavaag

Illustration and painting: Nicole Skibola, Marina Litvinskaya

Amazing studio assistance: Marina Litvinskaya, Yvette King, Michelle ChungJoão Costa.

Production, USA: Wayne Ashley and Future Perfect Productions

Last and Mostly: Shõji Kojima







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