Phase Ring for OSCILLATOR @ Science Gallery

I’m excited to be building a full-scale version of the Gravity Ring, originally envisioned for Bjork’s Biophilia project. I’m calling this new version the Phase Ring.

The piece is an exploration of the infinite within the finite. A ring of pendulum-powered sting instruments are set in motion by the hands of viewers. Each pendulum-instrument plays a single note as it rhythmically swings through its nadir. The pendulum rhythms are fixed. But their phases, their timing and order, are infinitely variable, producing an infinite variety of songs that are created and lost with touch or push of a pendulum.

Here is the first prototype of the idea, with just three pendulums:

The final version should be wrapped into a circle, echoing the way the musical phrases have no specific start or end note.

In Dublin I’m hoping to install these under the train arch outside the Science Gallery, encouraging passersby to get lost in the hypnotic swinging and in the infinite, sensitive music that can be made by rearranging only the timing of the notes.

They may hang just above viewers’ heads or be played with ropes like church bells, or hang all the way around them, like this:

I’ll know soon if this proposal has been accepted. Wish me luck.

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