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Overtone Harp

The Overtone Harp give new life, new pitches, new timbres to an old piano harp. Oscillating magnetic fields stimulate the strings in their fundamental modes and also in their first […]
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Gravity Harps for Björk

  The Gravity Harps use the Earth’s gravity to create music. Gravity sets the rhythms and stores the energy. Robotic technologies provide initial energy and synchronization. They were used on […]
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The Violina for Stella Artois

The Violina is part of the Stella Artois Chalice Symphony. It plays music by bowing tuned Stella Artois chalices with a circular bow of Mongolian horse hair. The player can […]
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The Hive for Stella Artois

The Hive creates music with glass bells made from Stella Artois chalices. They are played with electronically actuated piano hammers, which support loud and soft playing. An octave and a […]
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Gravity Harps 1.1 for MU Gallery

MU Gallery in Eindhoven commissioned an updated version of the Gravity Harps as part of a show called Sounds Like Art. After getting Björk’s approval, I created an updated version […]
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