Weaver and Music Box

Weavers and Music Boxes (early Biophilia idea)

This machine has 2 or 3 main parts.
The Music Box – which may contain other instruments, like a trompong or tuned strings.
The Music Sheet – which contains music encoded into it by weaving, punched holes, or interwoven beads.
The Weaver – which we can see weaving or knitting the music in real-time.

The weaver conveys a sense of care and mindfulness, but also an unknowable intelligence, like watching the careful mandibles of an insect.
Weaver and Music Box
Weaver (left) and Music Box (right) with trompong.

Weaver and Music Box w/ Trompong

Music Box and Weaver hanging vertically (needs a better drawing)

Example of a tiny music box playing a modified Moon Song

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